Sunday, April 26, 2009

heading home....

Its Sunday night, and tomorrow, we head home.

We didn't do anything today. I mean nothing. My sunburn is so bad, I'm having a hard time walking and just standing up. The burn is only from about my belly button down to my knees, but its pretty painful. I'm glad it happened later in the week, and I am also thankful that its not on my back or arms. But still, Its not fun. I have either been naked, or in underwear all day. I have taken 2 warm baths, and have been applying aloe spray pretty much nonstop. That's what I get for being at the naughty beach for too long.

It rained again this morning, and apparently all day it has been either overcast or raining. Eric and Tiff stopped by letting us know that there was almost no one outside. Maybe everyone else got their naughty bits burned as well.

We ordered our final room service this evening. I had the marlin quesadilla and a club sandwich. Jodi got the spaghetti and the veggie pizza, even tho she really didn't touch the pizza. I helped out with that.

This has really been an extraordinary week for us. We have had an amazing time, which was only complimented by having Eric and Tiff here with us. We have had some great food, good laughs, and awesome memories made that will last a lifetime. Big trip.

I am still amazed, and somewhat shocked, to have a girl like Jodi in my life. I have spent many years feeling out of place, not sure of who I was, where I was going, or even if I wanted to keep going. I felt like I have been sitting at an intersection with many possible paths, but for fear of failing, or being rejected, I intentionally chose the roads that I knew led me nowhere. I felt like a man who belonged nowhere, and wasn't sure if I was ever going to.

Jodi and the kids have come into my life and helped me to see that I never really lost my hope, I just lost my ability to see my hope. They make me feel like I have a place, and that I belong. Their love towards me has shown me how incomplete my life has been, and at the same time, it has showed me how complete my life now is.

Farewell from Jamaica. We get home after midnight Monday. Thanks to all who have read this blog over the week. We will continue to blog about our lives as we move forward with our lives together.


  1. Hey there guys! I've enjoyed keeping up with your trip. It sounds like you've had a wonderful time. I look forward to you both getting back and a visit from my new grandkids!!! May 10th looks good - and QUITE appropriate!

    We love you!

  2. Congratulations! I'm trying to figure out what else to say with out sounding gay.... failed..

    Bob Im excited you've found someone who makes you happy. You're the funniest guy I know so you deserve to smile more.

    Jodi, I haven't even met you-- yet you're married to someone I've spent a ton of time with. I'd like to change that sometime!

    You, Bobby and the kids are always welcome to come over to my place in Washington. We could get some food somewhere down by the riverfront or something.

    Let me know if you ever want to.


  3. Here's hoping you made it back to the States safe from the pirates and Swine flu. I have really enjoyed following the blog, and look forward to updates.